We have used several different tents over the years and our two favorites have been the 2-pole Dome Coleman tent and the Eureka Copper Canyon Cabin Tent.  Check out the Car Camping Gear Talk for more information about both! 

What is your favorite car camping tent?  Why?  Tell us all about it!
8/7/2016 08:36:16 am

By any chance do you remember the model name or dimensions of the green multi-room Coleman tent you have pictured? We're looking for a cheap tent in that style and had borrowed that exact tent from someone years ago. It's the only time we've used one that big in an actual campground before, so it would really help to know more about that one as I mentally compare current tent models.

8/10/2016 07:25:41 pm

Hi Sean.

We actually still have the tent. It is a Coleman 8 person tent, model name Tucana. Dimensions are 16'x8'. It was very large and took a while to set up which is why we only ever used it one time. Happy camping!


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