I just wrote an ariticle about creating an Adventure Pack for your kids to use while hiking or other outdoor activities.  The pack makes it fun for your little ones because they get to carry something too, and it provides some extra tools for exploring nature a little more in depth. 

When I first had this idea, I hopped online to purchase one.  To my dismay, I wasn't able to find one to purchase that was age appropriate for my daughter.  I also couldn't find any ideas of what to include in one for a 4 year old.  So I improvised and created my own! 

Do your kids have an Adventure Pack?  What would you put in your child's pack?

Perhaps we are safety nuts, but we firmly believe it's better to be prepared than have an emergency with nothing on hand.  As such we keep first aid supplies in every vehicle and every pack.  There are many variations of kits out there and you will hear MANY different pieces of advice on what to carry and how to build your own.  We want to know....

Do you carry a first aid kit?  What's in yours? 
We have used several different tents over the years and our two favorites have been the 2-pole Dome Coleman tent and the Eureka Copper Canyon Cabin Tent.  Check out the Car Camping Gear Talk for more information about both! 

What is your favorite car camping tent?  Why?  Tell us all about it!