Finding that perfect car-camping campground can be a challenge (at least it is when you're as picky as we are!).  Where has your family gone to "get away from it all?"  Tell us all about your favorite place, why you like it, some things others might want to aware of, etc. 
For us, deciding where to go can be a bit of a challenge.  We love going to new places and exploring new areas. Because of that, we are always trying to find a place we have never been.  This summer, we developed a fun new trick to help us figure out where to go (click to read our How to Decide Where to Go article), but we want to hear from you. 

How does your family figure out where to go and what to do?  Leave a comment and let us know!
So, you found the perfect campsite, you finally finished seting up, and you just sat down to reflect life's bigger questions while listening to the birds chirp over head.  When all of a sudden, your peace is disturbed by three little words, "Mom, I'm bored."   Read my article, Entertaining Your Kids While Camping for a few suggestions and ideas but I want to hear from you.

What do you do?  How do you entertain your kids while camping?

(Side note: while growing up, you learned real quick to NEVER say those words to Mom.  She found plenty for you to do, and NONE of it was fun!)
We have used several different tents over the years and our two favorites have been the 2-pole Dome Coleman tent and the Eureka Copper Canyon Cabin Tent.  Check out the Car Camping Gear Talk for more information about both! 

What is your favorite car camping tent?  Why?  Tell us all about it!