Burr....it was a chilly one today with overcast skies and we were a little antsy hanging out at the house.  So we loaded our biking gear, put on some warm weather clothes (including face masks) and we went for a bike ride.  It was great to get out even if the air was a little cool.  Once we started moving, we didn't even notice the temperature which does lend itself to a few important topics about how to play safe in cool weather.  Look for that page to be created later this winter.

I do not do winters very well even with light and vitamin D therapy and while it's only the beginning of November, I could already feel the effects of winter settling in, making me more melancholy.  However, within a few power strokes on the bike with my family in the great outdoors, I'm feeling good again.  Not only does adventuring with your family create strong relationships, it can even keep the winter blues from running your life! 

Get out and go (just be sure to bundle up)!